• Simplify your songbook and rotation

    LiveKJ is a free karaoke app that helps you manage your songbook and rotation, and makes it easy to run your karaoke shows.

  • Get your songbook online for quick and easy searches, set themed playlists by event or room. Let your guests search and request songs from their phones. No unreadable sticky printoffs! No updating songbooks!
  • Let singers search your songbook and make requests from their phones, and you can manage the rotation from yours.
    Put a tablet out to make it even easier to request, set it to self service mode and take a break or let it run your private rooms.

  • happy_music

    Create special search lists for themed nights, know what was most popular, when, and more.

  • Customize it! Add your branding to the app and make it your own - put it on your website to make the experience seamless.

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